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Get your Free LCD or Plasma TV !

More people are buying Plamsa and LCD flat panel televisions then ever worldwide. Their high resolution , sleek design and vibrant colors blows away old tube televisons. However, their prices are still well above traditional tube televsion.

But, how would you like a brand new Plasma or LCD Television for next to free instead of paying over $1,000 for one? You get to choose from well known brands like Sony, Samsung, Sharp , Panasonic and more.

You may think there is a scam or a joke but it's not. Over the course of about 2 years, I have received over $20,000 in free stuff including iPods, plasma and lcd tvs, a laptop & a computer, video game consoles, electronics, gift cards, cash and even a designer handbag. You can do the same too. The process costs just a small amount of money and takes just a little of your time to get a free Plasma or LCD Television.

Keep reading to find out how.

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My two free 37" Panasonic HD Plamsa, 42" Panasonic ED Plasma and 32" Samsung HD LCD TV

Background Information

The company giving away these free gifts are affiliate marketing companies. They get paid comission for referring customers to businesses such as BlockBuster Online, Disney Movie Club, NY Times, or which sponsors their site . All of these free gifts sites requires users to complete one or more offers from their sponsors. These sites then are able to use the comission they generated to purchase a free gift for you, in this case a free plasma or free lcd tv, and also keep some profits for themselves.

Some of the offers from the sponsors are free trials which cost you nothing. Others send you a free trail product where you pay shipping only. Others requires a membership or to purchase their product. Most offers are fairly inexpensive and cost less then $10. Usually these sites gives you a wide variety of offers to select from.

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The Free Gift Sites

PlasmaTV4Free - Choose from either a free 42" Samsung Plasma TV or a free 42" Panasonic Plasma TV

ConsumeSavingsCenter - Choose from a free Philips LCD TV , a Sony Wega 3LCD TV or a Panasonic Plasma TV

Mega Promotions Group - Get a FREE 42" Plasma TV

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